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Welcome to the webpage of Dingmans Ferry United Methodist Church. These days, the cyber world has become an important part of our life, but just like the patriarchs in Genesis, we are also wandering in this new world, looking to quench our thirst for knowledge, entertainment and spirituality.  We are happy you have found our web site and want to learn more about our church.

To all the wanderers, Jesus Christ proclaimed that the Kingdom of God is near! And He welcomes all of them saying, “If any of you is thirsty, come to me and drink!” Jesus Christ gathered us in His name and gave us peace, hope, and love of the Kingdom. And we who gathered in His name are called the Church.

Dingmans Ferry United Methodist Church has Jesus! He welcomes all of us and totally changes our lives through the church! As Jesus does, so do we love, serve, forgive, care, and pray for each other.

Browse our website to see examples of how Jesus and we are living together as the church, through our Worship Services, Bible Studies, Ministries, Outreach Programs, and Fellowship Events. I want to invite you to ”come to Jesus and drink!” Join the body of Christ and enjoy the peace, hope, and love of the Kingdom, by walking into our church and working together in our ministries. Let your wandering be the journey of faith with us.


Servant of God and His children,


Pastor Sungduk Kim.


Our Vision:

We foresee a future of individuals, life partners, families and youth in our diverse community who will need a God-inspired Faith that will help them to live confidently and gratefully, and cope with the traumas, anguish, and uncertainties of their rapidly changing world. We envision a Dingmans Ferry United Methodist CHURCH FAMILY who will reach out with Christian compassion, certainty, and a sense of peace, and who will joyfully welcome, mutually embrace, and wholeheartedly support them as our own - in a spirit of Christ-like Faith, Hope and Love.

 Our Services

We have several services designed to meet your needs and busy schedule.  Services are led by our Pastor Rev. Sung Kim and also by certified Lay Servants. Certified Lay Servants have completed training through the GNJUMC Conference and are church members who serve as worship speakers.

Sunday Service at 10:00am:

    A family service with Sunday School classes for children ages Pre-K through Grade 12. A nursery room with an intercom to the service is available if parents need a quiet place during the service for Infants and Toddlers. Coffee hour is at 11:00am.  

Sunday School at 10:00am:


"Thirsty Thursdays" at 5:00pm

    A contemporary praise service intended for anyone who enjoys a free flowing worship style. The service is held downstairs in Fellowship Hall and includes a light meal, music, a short message by Lay Servants and fellowship/activities.


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Our Staff

Pastor Sungdok Kim and Family




Our History

Since 1830's, the Methodist Church of Dingmans Ferry has served the area continually. Originally, a group of followers was served by circuit preachers in 1830's, meetings in farms and then services were held at the local school in the 1860's.  In 1871, the Methodist Episcopal Church on Route 209 in Dingmans Ferry was dedicated (this later became known as the United Methodist Church). In 1977, the government bought the church property as part of the Tocks Island Dam Project and eventually the area became part of Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. Rather than disband their church, a loyal band of church members decided to relocate. A new church was built in 1978 on the current site on Myck Road in Dingmans Ferry and the church facilities were expanded in 1997. Today, Dingmans Ferry United Methodist Church continues the tradition of spreading God's word and servicing the people.